According to Dr.Stuart Williams, the director of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, scientists will be able to use 3d printing technology to create a bioficial human heart in only ten years. This will be’ time by making it one of the biggest all-time medical marvels ever.

Recent studies show that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and claims around 1 million lives annually. Up until now, 3D printers have allowed hobbyists and industrial designers to manufacture all sorts of objects. Thanks to 3D printing, medical researchers may now hold the key to saving lives.

Just as 3D printers have let anyone from hobbyists to industrial designers manufacture objects as of late, Williams says he wants to use that same technology to replicate the most critical of body parts. Designers have already managed to show that 3D printers are capable of churning out fully-functioning firearms, and scientists have already explored with makingmanaged to make organs, including a liver and an ear, with that technology.

Williams says he and his team of more than 20 have already bioengineered a coronary artery and printed the smallest blood vessels in the heart used in microcirculation. The studies have reached the advanced preclinical stage, showing printed blood vessels will reconnect with the recipient tissue creating new blood flow in the printed tissue.
Giving a simplified breakdown of the process, he explains: “ Patients enters the operating room and tissue is removed and regenerative cells isolated. The cells are then mixed with solutions that contain extracellular matrix molecules and other factors and placed in the bioprinter. The bioprinter then prints the heart.”

Though for now those printers are focusing on replicating the parts, the plan is to print the whole heart in one go in just three hours, with a further week needed for it to mature outside of the body. Certain parts will need to be printed and assembled beforehand, including the valves and the biggest blood vessels. “Final construction will then be achieved by bioprinting and strategic placement of the valves and big vessels,” says Williams, who asserts that they are “on schedule” to build the bioficial heart within the decade marker. He also says that tThe bioprinter he says will be capable of achieving all the fore mentioned work, is under construction now.

But creating 3D- printed hearts isn’t an easy featthing. One of the major difficulties with bioprinted organs is keeping it alive. Currently, 3D printers can only print objects as small as a few millimeters, but some of the smallest blood vessels have widths of just a few microns — or one-1,000 of a millimeter.

The other issue is (of course) money. Bioprinting is expensive, and will require funding for more research and development.
Mr. Williams also says that “ To do this in ten years, we needs a massive amount of funding and the money needs to be spent properly and quickely.”and that . Oone day the bioprinter will be found in every hospital as an X-Ray machine.”
In the near future, 3d printing technology will lead to ancillary discoveries and new therapies.

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Scientists have found a way to inject 3D prints with vitamins, sort of… Researchers at the North Carolina State University have successfully used a naturally occurring compound to create non-toxic implants. The compound is Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, which is commonly found in green veggies and meat.

A 3D printing technique, called two-photon polymerization, has been the primary basis of the research. This technique can be used to create smaller objects with very detailed features such as micro needles, or other implantable drug delivery devices.
Two-photon polymerization is used for making small scale solid structures from many types of photo reactive liquid precursors which contains chemicals that react to light, turning the liquid into a solid polymer. By exposing the liquid precursors to a targeted amount of light the object can be 3d printed by tracing its outline. Unfortunately, this technique has its drawbacks. The liquid precursors have to be mixed with chemicals in order for light testing to occur, and these chemicals become toxic to humans once exposed to light. This could be problematic if the structures are used in a medical implant or are in the direct contact with the patient body.

The North Carolina researchers determined that we can solve this problem by using riboflavin, which can be mixed with a precursor material to make it photo reactive, as riboflavin is both nontoxic and bio-compatible.
Dr.Roger Narayan, a professor in the joint biomedical engineering department at North Carolina university, says “This technique will open the door to a much wider range of biocompatible implant materials, which can be used to develop customized implant designs using 3D printing technology”.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about using 3d printers to create everything from weapons to food. While many of these innovations have yet to come to light, the medical community has been using the technology for years with considerable success. 3d printing has already revolutionized medical imaging, stem cell therapy, etc…

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have planned to make 3d printed pizza using 3d printers in space travel as duration of staying in space takes years, scientist have decide to make healthy food that will suit scientist.

3d printed pizza

They have been spending some $125,000 to food printers which can print pizza using cartridges of powder and oils. A pizza is perfect nourishment for a 3d printer to handle. It has a mixture of parts orchestrated in layers. Builder plans to utilize the cash from NASA to construct the sustenance printing unit by the close of the year. The accompanying is a movie of his model that can print chocolate on a treat.

This would be a happy and welcoming news to astronauts we can hope that in coming years they can taste foods just like us even when they are traveling to different planets.

And yet another Official news from NASA is that they have allotted some fund for research to test whether 3d printer can deliver pharmaceuticals which would be needful for astronauts.

Spokesman David Steitz said that: “Additive manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in space should be possible, depending on the ingredients ability to be sprayed and layered through the printing process.”

“In terms of the technology itself, it’s conceivable that additive manufacturing equipment would be able to produce pharmaceuticals during long-duration space missions to Mars, or beyond.”

And further he added “There may be some efficiency to be had in taking the basic ingredients of pharmaceuticals to orbit in quantity and then having a machine “print” customized pills, tailored to the individual needs to of crew members.
“Or there may be efficiencies to be had in terms of weight, crew time, energy consumption and quality control to simply take most of your pill medications with you, depending on shelf life”.

By this its very clear that the 3d printing industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day. We will be back soon with some interesting news .

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Inventions using 3d printer

Science and technology has become a vital role in everybody’s life, researchers and scientist in past and present have invented many things, that are useful for human, animals to lead a better life, fun loving, comfortable life, and one among those inventions is the 3d printer.

3d printerd parts

3d printed battery

Unbelievable things are happening using 3d printers, scientist from Harvard University and Illinois University have found a new path to discover micro batteries. They have printed a tiny battery, which this industry feels that it has moved a step forward. For these years, 3d printing industry has created several things using 3d printing machine like flying robots, and dental implants, helped 5 to 6 years old child to lift her own hands to do her daily activities and many more, there is no stopping to this technology.
“Jennifer’s innovative micro battery ink designs dramatically expand the practical uses of 3D printing, and simultaneously open up entirely new possibilities for miniaturization of all types of devices, both medical and non-medical. It’s tremendously exciting,” Wyss Founding Director Donald Ingber, who is also a Professor of Bioengineering at Harvard SEAS, said in a press release.
Analysts made an ink utilizing the nanoparticles of one lithium metal oxide compound for the anode and nanoparticles from another for the cathode. This eliminated the chances of the ink injecting out of the printer’s nozzle in the form of droplets and melting. Indeed, the ink solidified as the layers of ink were formed. Specialists then put down up to 16 layers of lithium-metal-oxide particles framing a tightly stuffed stack of anodes and cathodes. The procedure was finished by filling an electrolyte result.
Interesting fact is that it is more powerful than a normal battery used for laptops and cars, bike etc.,.

It is certainly going to be future, where everyone will be interested to get one for their own purpose.

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3d printer

Now 3D printing has made its way ahead in the field of NASA, in the introduction of pocket friendly 3D printers, its usefulness is equal to that of a sewing machine. With printers advancement, there is no need to go for shopping anything, as anything and everything can be printed in minute

So, in NASA, generally the weight matters a lot, so in order to reduce the cargo weight it would be a best option to carry a handy 3D printer to Space to print the objects which needs to be used in space.
In order, to look after the health condition of the scientists working in NASA, NASA would be taking an initiative to introduce a Pizza Maker in Space. The agency recently poured $125,000 into the development of a prototype 3D pizza printer to feed astronauts on long space journeys, such as the 500-day trek to Mars.

Art of 3d printing

The art of printing is admirable with each and every layer to be printed one on top of another with such an artistic note.
Once a person learns how to 3D print an object, he will have a passion for that and would move crazily towards that technology till the crave for printing ends.

3d printing

With printing, coming into existence the Asian Manufacturing association has planned to build 10 innovation centers which would a pave a way for innovative ideas in Aviation and leading to the development of China’s first home-grown commercial airliner, its first aircraft-based jet fighter and bomber, its first home-made stealth jet fighter, its multi role fighter and bomber, fifth-generation jet fighter, the J-31

Existing of 3d printer

Even if a person cannot afford to buy a 3D printer, three recent graduates from UC Berkeley have installed the world’s first “3D-printing vending machine,” on their campus. This vending machine gives everyone access to the printer for a small fee, allowing them to print objects from their own designs or from an online store.
People would be wondering for themselves, “will 3D printer cook foods!”, but I am telling you that, you should not be stunned hearing this, as printers are capable of making anything and everything in no time. Create what you think will be the perfect word for 3d printing, using this printer we can implement our innovation. And for a start you can download some stl files to make sure you print some sample with zero error.
“I think the appeal will be, ‘Can I automate your dinner at home? Can I make a birthday cake with your name written across every slice on the inside?’” said Jeffrey Lipton, a doctoral student at Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab. “That is where I see the technology going.”

3d printers for sale

3d printing is the next booming business into which many people are into. So, let’s give thanks to this technology for its adaption in today’s world.After reading this article many people will prefer to get a printer and there are various 3d printers for sale available in online choose the best 3d printing machine at an affordable rates.

Mega Prusa 3D Printer; now at affordable price

The best 3D printer with larger print area launched by 3D Stuffmakers is the Mega Prusa.

As the name implies Mega Prusa turns Meggaaa ideas into reality, starting from simple toy making and ending up to large engineering parts.

Mega Prusa cannot be compared with any other 3D printers because of its simple construction and complex structure.

Best 3d printer

Large 3d printer

This is the only large 3d  printer which has a capability to print upto 2 times faster.

Similarly, in resemblance to its name, this printer is not much costlier when compared to the other 3D printers manufactured by different other companies.

Mega Prusa is the easiest and the most affordable printers of all types of printers.

It is an upgraded printer with larger print area. People who are using 3D printer on the market always need to tinker with their printer, and find it too complicated to fine tuning the machine before have it working properly to print a good part.

An Australian based 3D printer with high technical performance, and uninterrupted printed part design

3D printer kit has the ability to turn your imagination into reality.

3d printer diy kit for sale

3d printer diy kit

It has a resolution capability of 100 microns and Extruder driver mechanism has no printing dust, no clogged up nozzles, laser cut Perspex-super tight filament grip. Most importantly better-smoother prints.

More steady, milled frame supports-now made from super tough engineering plastic!

All our printers are future proof and upgradable.

DIY quick build kit can be easily assembled and can be transformed into a fully assembled one.

The print build area is about 290mm x 270mm x 220mm

Eco-friendly, nonhazardous print material.

Easily exchangeable print plates, extruders and nozzles.


Printing Process:

Software Process

The software which we use will only support .stl file.

After uploading the .stl file the slicing of the uploaded object happens according to different scales which are almost similar to the scanning process.

After slicing of the object, it gets converted into G-code after which the printing of the object begins.

At first, the PLA is heated and the melted filament flows out through the nozzle which has both the thermistor and resistor.

After testing the flow of the PLA the printing could be started.

Feedback from our customers after using MegaPrusa:

“Hi Jane

Thank you, can I also say I’m very happy with the printer and
if you would like me to review it as “1st Mega Prusa Sold”  I will give
it a 10/10…
Thanking you and your team very much..
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John Hyslop

3dstuffmaker mega prusa review
May 20, 2013 06:14PM

I bought a 3dstuffmaker mega prusa 1st one off the assembly line…
while it took me a while to calibrate and get a good print, it is now
running like a dream.. I’m adding some pictures of recent prints from
stl files downloaded from thingiverse …I very impressed with this printer
and to have all the extra printing area is fantastic 290x270x200mm high..







People have utilized 3d printers as a part of an assortment of fields. From art to science, added substance assembling assisted numerous distinctive zones develop. Two later 3d infrastructures may have bettered the medicinal business.

3D printing reconstructed ears:

Everybody needs to have the ability to pick what sort of methodology or fix they need. Assuming that you are an individual with a harmed ear however, your decision is constrained. Any sort of recreation that your specialist or a researcher finishes will bring about an ear that fails to offer a common look and consistent sound exhibition, also the torment.

A crew at Cornell University might have discovered the result. The aggregation discovered a path to make an ear that is more exact than what old strategies made. Companies like 3dstuffmakers offering best 3d printers with high quality.

Educator Lawrence Bonassar and his associates initially examined his five year old twin girls’ ears. The following step was to print a plastic mold utilizing a 3d printing machines. The group then infused a gel which held living cells into the mold. 15 minutes later the ear might be evacuated. All that is left to do is trimming any overabundance off.

Plus the time required for surgery, surgeons likewise stress over if the form will acknowledge the new organ. Past systems utilized diverse cells, for example rib cartilage to do make any fake ears. With the 3d printer being included, the examination crew at Cornell can now take a shot at developing human ear cartilage cells. Assuming that the cells could be made comparable to the past ones, the figure will be less inclined to reject any new increases.

We can not expect real-looking fake ears any time soon. The aggregation ought to try different things with them first. They published that the ears ought to be primed to go in something like 3 years.



I’m going to post a thread about a customer who have recommended our products, he have posted in spanish and I have just translated to english.

“Given that Halloween is about twenty days away, have you thought about a costume yet? Have you thought about dressing up as yourself?

The Japanese company REAL-f can help you, as they have a 3-D printer that can make a very detailed replica of your face. You can print everything from skin tone, freckles, and eyebrows, and put them all in cast resin.

Hey, if you and a friend want to go in together, you can dress like the others …! Of course, the effect will probably be like putting the face of a mannequin realistic in your account, but will leave people guessing.

Of course, this will be very expensive because it will cost $ 4000 to get only a facial mask made​​. Indeed, additional face masks cost about $ 780 to $ 2,000, so you can save at least some money if you and a friend want to change the face.

By the way, a full head will cost $ 6,000. I have no idea if someday masquerades as in Mission Impossible, but give it time.

Maybe someday we will all have 3D printers, and all our faces we can print out. Well, that sounds pretty weird, but if I could get a 3D printer for under $ 800, I would.

I prefer good 3dprinting Machine”

Kindly visit this page 3dprinter to see the real post of our customer.


3d printing is exceptionally intriguing in my idea, and it has prompted the growth of such a large number of things that we see and use in our ordinary lives, if we understand it or not. The grouping of your electric auto keys, your glasses case, and your cell phone were probably prototyped through 3d printer. In the event that you have any sort of devices lying around, they must be prototyped by one means or another -conceivable through 3d printing in its item infrastructure stages. Basically everything that is mass fabricated includes a model or something to that affect, and 3d printing is one of the top decisions for prototyping. I’m not guaranteeing that each object in your house was 3d printed, yet you’d be shocked. This innovation has been around since the late 70′s and early 80′s, however tragically it is still to some degree underground.

Mega prusa 3d printer from 3dstufmaker

The point when an item has been composed -before really being produced on an imposing scale, it must be prototyped by one means or another! By what other means are these associations set to test the item without blowing several many dollars on an expansive request? Huge enterprises have been utilizing this innovation to develop products and notions without your information, however recently this type of assembling is coming to be considerably more widespread.

As the normal shopper starts to look into this innovation through different 3d printing services, new thoughts are getting less demanding to spread. In spite of the fact that not free, this engineering isn’t unbelievably costly. The inward item planners are vacating the normal purchasers much of the time. Maybe you’re a land executor who took 3d demonstrating courses out in the open school. Perhaps you have a dream of turning out with your own particular item, or maybe you simply appreciate composing as an afterthought. Through 3d printing, you can carry your plans to life! This innovation is for essentially every living soul; it isn’t ludicrously unmanageable, and it is exceptionally accessible through different online administrations.

Evolution 3d printer

The value goes for home printers have been predictably dropping too. “Home desktop printers” ordinarily extended from $20,000 -$30,000, however now a large number are taking a toll less than $1,500. There are even 2-3 of them that offer for under $1000! The majority of these printers rotate around the softening of plastic fibers to make 3d printed items. Spools of plastic fibers might be acquired at around $50 a pound, which prompts a sensible amount of item infrastructure at the purchaser level.



Let me start with the hottest topic which has opened an eye in the 3d printer revolution. There are many pros and cons in both the filament materials. At first, even though many companies prefer to use ABS and many companies are using ABS filament .Let me jot out the basic difference between PLA and ABS.

As it produces gaseous fumes which are injurious to health, while printing with ABS filament, it is hard to perform 3d printing in a closed atmosphere. Ventilation is required while printing with ABS.

But, when it comes to PLA (Corn Starch Plastic) does not produce any gaseous fumes while performing 3d printing, it is environmental friendly.

ABS printed object is more flexible, more durable, more heat resistant, toughest, strongest, more resistant to chemicals, not less than ABS, even PLA printed object is more rigid.

While printing objects with PLA, heater bed is not required, whereas heater bed is required for objects to be printed with ABS.

When it comes to ABS, there are very fewer color choices whereas in PLA there are wide variety of colors like translucent, whereas in PLA there are wide variety of colors available.

ABS melts at a little higher temperature whereas PLA melts at a lower temperature than ABS.

PLA is much cheaper when compared to the cost of ABS.

With the help of PLA very large prints are easily done, but whereas with ABS very large prints cannot be easily achieved.

Well, generally, PLA is the best material for large objects since it can be nearly warp free when compared to ABS. Even on a high end commercial printer, really large ABS objects present a real problem.


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